Why I Love My Job

Today, I had the honor and privilege of sitting with an 87 year old client recovering from a broken hip.  She is facing mortality with clear eyes and a peaceful heart.  I prepared documents to leave her affairs in order and she carefully signed them. She and her family proudly gave me a tour of her assisted living facility.  As I wished her goodbye, her gratitude and visible relief brought tears to my eyes.

Because I work directly for my clients (and not a large law firm), I did not have to rush through this client meeting with thoughts of the billable hour, monthly revenue collections, and realization rate requirements.  I got to take my time, explain each step, answer questions fully, and be present for her (and me).  When I was offered a tour, I did not have to decline to race back to my desk to meet a false deadline set by another attorney.

I got to make a human connection and truly be a counselor of law.

Although this is just today’s example, the rest of my days and weeks are filled with wonderful clients who trust me to advocate for their best interests, provide sound legal and practical advice, and secure a future legacy for those they care about.  I am deeply thankful for these amazing relationships with my clients.

Simply put, my clients are why I love my job.

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