Trusts and Estates

2015 Year in Review

{Image from here} Happy New Year!  It was exactly one year ago that I opened my own practice.  What an amazing year it has been for my clients and me! Thank you so much to all of my clients, colleagues, friends, and family for helping make 2015 so rewarding.  I have… Read more

Estate Planning: Avoid Disputes — Make a List!

(Image Source) Some of my most salient memories of my grandparents include and involve their “stuff”.  Worthless to most others, but priceless to me.  Things like the newsboy cap that my grandfather wore on his winter walks, the framed poster of a very busy kitchen full of lots of food,… Read more

What Happens to My Assets if I Die Without a Will in Virginia?

“What happens to my stuff if I die without a will in Virginia?”  is a question that I hear a lot.  Passing away without a will is referred to as dying intestate and can have many unintended consequences. What “stuff” gets distributed? Your “stuff” passing intestate includes everything that would… Read more

Planning Your Facebook Legacy & Digital Heirs

Today (February 12, 2015), Facebook announced a new feature that allowed its users to designate a legacy contact — “a family member or friend who can manage their account when they pass away.” (See the Facebook Announcement). In the past and unless one designates a legacy contact now, the Facebook account of… Read more